Founded by writer and beauty journalist Nancy Johnson-Hunt, Year of the Face, began as a passion project for everything beauty related. 

I would like to say I'm a 'self-made' beauty expert, with an unwavering interest in skincare and makeup that also extends to a love for interior design and cuisine. Born in Southern India, in the city of Bangalore, I was quickly whisked to a very faraway Auckland, New Zealand and spent my childhood and early adulthood finding my calling.

At University, I realised soon enough that what came naturally was to write, and while I worked in Marketing and Retail for 7 years, it was time to put into work my goals to build a brand that encompassed my beauty knowledge. 

After my wedding and a beautiful 3 weeks in Paris and Florence, it was clear that dreams are simply a succession of ideas that are yet to be put in motion.  A move overseas was an opportune moment to start fresh. This has heralded the revival of my love for beauty and lifestyle. And with that I welcome you to my beauty and lifestyle website:

Year of the Face.

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