A recipe for great skin. 

With Christmas just around the corner, (oh yes, I'm going to go there), Fresh Skincare has a sweet assortment of staple gifting goodies for those who want beautiful packaging and product combined. 

The pamper pack I purchased (wowza, say that ten times fast) was the 'Complexion Perfection, Face Mask Trio', containing the infamous rose mask, black tea mask and the facial sugar polish.  The rose mask by itself retails at a total of $62 CAD on its own, it's pricey, but in this holiday package you get this mask plus the Black Tea and Sugar Scrub for a $102 CAD. For all of it. Definitely something to think about. All great treatments, now let me break it down for you, or in other words justify your future purchase. 

The Rose Face Mask is deeply hydrating, it's even texture smooths on like a dream and dries transparent. Of course, if you are paler in complexion, you'll probably look like you have a tan, but it's definitely not erring on any kind of crazy tanning situation. You can leave this on one for the recommended 5-10 minutes, however I have left mine on for over 30 minutes and it's left my skin feeling juicy, glowy and even in tone. The pros are many, but the divine scent is incredibly calming. This one is high on my list of holiday beauty treatments for us beauty buffs out there, have a look see and ask your local Fresh associate for a hand test, so you can see the results before you purchase. 

I'm not much of a tea drinker, so I may have found my perfect way to have black tea and it's in the form of this luxurious face mask. Who would have thought? The Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, does just that, it's a strange texture when you apply it, but the results are amazing. Not so much hydrating as it does to even skin tone and texture. If you're having a bit of a dull skin day and you want something to pick you up, this definitely does what it says on the tin. It's again transparent, so you can leave it on while you sleep, although the recommended time is approximately 10 minutes, I've slept in it and the results are not short of "holy shit" stunning. You wake up and your skin looks just as refreshed as you should feel. It's a bloody good 'un! It's worth it, especially when you'll feel worth it, too. 

It's becoming clear that I didn't write this in what could have been in sequence, but oh well bear with it. The last product in this gift-set is the infamous Fresh Sugar Face Polish. It smells like a citrus, strawberry salad. The texture you ask? Not too abrasive, not too light, it's the goldilocks of facial scrubs. It also isn't made of those pearlescent beads that go straight into the drainage and out to the sea, (if you're like me and worry about the damage some beauty products can do to our environment), it's a whole lot of clear conscious for clear skin. I love it, it smells good enough to eat, but again, I warn you, don't, I've already done that for you and can vouch that it's not the nicest. Stick to desserts, instead. However, if you want a scrub that is going to polish, but not scratch, that's gentle enough to slough off dead skin leaving it ready for your toner, essence or serum, than please, go ahead and try this. 

And that my friends, is the justification for requesting this as a gift, or for your beauty obsessed friend, sister, mother, uncle or even father. It's really beautiful, it's very well priced in my opinion, for what you receive - it really is a gifting goodie for Christmas!