Well Are You?

Here's the thing, female empowerment can be elevated when us women work with other women, not against. The beauty of choice, whether you choose to marry a millionaire, is yours to make, I'm not here to judge. But I'm not going to call you a "do nothing bitch", and here's why. 

Ronda Rousey's famous line has had the attention of many, including the likes of Beyoncé who chose to put this quote in her Made in America concert at Benjamin Franklin Parkway this past September. While I think it's commendable for Rousey to shun her haters when it comes to the constant critique of what constitutes a feminine body. I find the irony in her quote to be one of anti-feminist backtalk. I as a woman, and one of colour, have a lot different factors that can hinder my ability to be 'somebody'. I'm relatively intelligent, I'm relatively attractive, and I'm relatively opinionated, all of which can go against me, if I let them. I guess, as aforementioned, it's all relative. So far, I haven't, I've favoured using my voice as a platform for those who don't tick my box, to understand my perspective without the use of hateful words or labels. 

The challenge in women having a voice however, is to be diplomatic enough to use it without excluding women that don't fit our criteria for being a 'somebody'. So in this instance, Rousey's speech about women who "f$%! millionaires" is conditioned from perhaps her experience, her setbacks and her already formed opinions of being a woman who has chosen to marry into money. Just because we choose a different pathway to become who we desire, do we have to use other women's choices to fuel our argument? Should we then label those decisions as wrong ones? 

In regards to Ronda's strength, determination and confidence, I'm all on that bandwagon, we need more women to speak on athleticism being "feminine" and having faith that our bodies are more than breasts and curves. Serena Williams, too has applied the same vigour to describe what she feels is "feminine". My only request for the women who may not be professional athletes, but find themselves in the boardroom, the sales floor, the design room, the restaurant, or as devoted mothers, your job doesn't define you, your body doesn't define you, but your mind and the words you choose, do. So before you go calling anyone, who doesn't fit your ideal of femininity, don't be the first to call your sisters "do nothing bitches", because let's face it, we have enough men calling us that in the first place. 

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