Are you relevant?  

You may ask, "why?", or "how does the term 'relevance', have any significant relationship to beauty?", and "aren't you here to discuss what type of lipstick would enhance our eye colour?". The reason for the post being that in today's image saturated culture, and there-by opinion saturated culture, the term relevance is...dare I say it, relevant. The beauty industry relies heavily on being relevant and I think it's safe to say that within the last decade beauty conglomerates such as Chanel, Coty, Estee Lauder, L'oreal, LMVH and Avon (there are more, obviously), have begun to use racially and ethnically diverse models in their advertising. The argument there, is that, yes they become wide reaching on a global scale, and it's just for monetary gain, but in all honesty, it's more so to do with staying relevant. Just like you and I change up our filters on Instagram, because we want to be perceived as relevant within our social and career circles. 

While all this is great and I'm doing my best to connect the terminology to my chosen industry, I wanted to write more on relevance being a factor in the way we choose to project ourselves. Because, over time, things change. Our circumstances change, our homes change, our life-choices change. Everything imperceptibly shifts and within this motion, we realise we may not be so lucky in the relevance department. 

I for one know the feeling of moving to another country and the fear of irrelevance looms like a bad smell. How many people will care what I post? Do I need to make all my photos black and white? (The answer to that is, yes, because black and white photos are chic). But the truth is, friendships evolve, just like we do as individuals and if our life-choices evolve as quickly as our friendships, than it's very clear that only a handful of those individuals we care to call close may not liken us to what they may consider relevant. Am I losing you? Ok, let me break it down. I have a fantastic opportunity to move overseas, I like nice things but also like giving back. I post regularly on social media as an outlet to direct my opinion outward. Now, if a selection of my friends don't identify with me anymore, I am no longer relevant. This, at least to me, comes down to our identity as individuals and our evolution. Age acts as the most significant catalyst in this because I'm almost 27 and I feel this already. I have friends who don't really know me, any more than I know them. I'm here on the other side of the world with relatively low contact with some and I can feel some of these friendships slipping. I'm probably luckier than most because I'm 100% self aware of what's happening and as a sensitive person my perception of this occurring is slightly more heightened, so I'm in a space now (both physically and emotionally), to let them go. As sad as that may be. And I'm positive, they are too. So it ultimately comes down to being relevant to some people I know I used to love having in my life. 

So my question to you all is: how do you stay relevant with the ones you call close, when you aren't anywhere near them? And...if you don't identify with someone anymore, is it ok that you will then become irrelevant to them?