And It Really Is...

To kickstart Year of the Face's mindful blog, there were many topics I wanted to cover and finding the right one seemed so very distant. Do I address entitlement? Maybe even anxiety? Then, it became obvious to me, a little something termed "self-awareness" never really makes it into the forum of regular discourse. So, it's something I wanted to touch upon when I talk about the importance of being self-aware. 


The importance of self-awareness is a testament to our ability as individuals to recognise the emotional state of those around us as well ourselves. It's having full capacity of being sensitive while having control of the rationale behind your feeling. I'm going to go out on a limb here and claim I'm a pretty damn good judge of character and I've witnessed a lot of people around me start off as what I consider logical and sensitive to unreliable and rather unpredictable. It's because of this that I realise, unlike blaming the person for their change in character (which in my early twenties, I would've done without hesitation), it's knowing that the probable cause for their actions is due to a lack of self-awareness. This lack of self-awareness, consequently, has major effects on relationships because there's no real telling of why they might have changed. 

So in this case, you can't help but to create distance, and keep that distance for the betterment of your mental well-being.

Being around those that lack self-awareness can be taxing and to a point, harmful because you feel like you're being strung along a rollercoaster. Despite it coming across as "Holly Golightly-esque", "I'm so carefree, I go with the flow", the biggest setback is the inability to illustrate the result of their unawareness. Which makes you seem uptight and rigid and the worst: buzzkill. So here's when you tap into your self-awareness as a tool. You know that this is happening because of many factors, perhaps their environment hasn't been the most stable, so you understand the need for continuous flux, maybe they are a product of a very rigid upbringing so the need for constant change helps to relieve that distress. Regardless, the important thing here is to be aware that this is the case, and that your role in this dynamic can result in a shift in your friendship, partnership or general presence. If this relationship is important, your self-awareness can create a foundation for change and communication, if it's not, then there are ways to remove yourself from this and be accepting of this fate. 

Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.
— Stephen Covey